The Baobab is known as the 'Tree of Life'. It is a remarkable, natural source of shelter, food, medicine and everyday materials - every part of it has a use. This familiar symbol of the African continent impacts lives across the world.

Baobab Consulting believes that high performing organisations and individuals make effective Choices about how to use their 'natural resources'. Our work challenges Leaders, Managers and Teams to face those Choices, unlock their capacity, and so generate higher levels of business performance.

Your decision to engage Baobab Consulting is made easy with our proven approach and extensive commercial experience.

Our approach delivers sustainable business results by building on the existing 'natural resources' of your people. This has been shown to deliver a 23% improvement in employee engagement.*

Our team will have instant credibility with yours as we all have considerable commercial experience and so we understand the business pressures to deliver. And as we have all led large teams we know what it takes to motivate others.

Between us we deliver programmes globally, with a particular focus in the Middle East.

* Employee Opinion Survey scores at a global Banking division