Our team have worked on a wide variety of projects including the following.


Manufacturing organisation. We devised a 6 day intervention over 15 months, for a 10 strong management team to create and agree clear business goals for their division and to rebuild an atmosphere of trust, respect and healthy challenge.


Civil engineering firm. A series of one day interventions to rebuild the management team. Creating the right environment for respectful conversations between the Directors, generating alignment to Company processes and standards and identifying leadership expectations.


Insurance Company. A management skills programme for Team Leaders and Managers in a call centre to develop skills in setting objectives, coaching and feedback, conflict management and motivation.


NGO. A two day team event for 24 country Finance heads to establish clarity around business goals, collaboration and action planning in support of a new functional strategy.


Financial Services organisation. A 12 month leadership team coaching initiative to help a newly-established global team work together collaboratively and create a strong platform for future business transformation and growth.